High quality ingredients and ideas that mix the past with the contemporary give birth to original recipes with a Latin footprint

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T: 0577/172 2565


Il Sorbo 1384 restaurant welcomes the guests of the Podere and the travelers who appreciate good cuisine.
The rule is ‘from farm to fork’. Exceptions are clearly stated and justified.

The Chef and his team collaborate with farmers, gardeners and local producers to create dishes that follow the ‘from farm to fork’ principle. 


Co-Founder, Tatiana Perna.
Experience gained in a family that has been managing a famous restaurant in Rome for half a century. A deep passion transmitted by her father Vittorio, one of the Italian Chefs who made the quality of the raw materials a culture.

Consultant, Emiliano Lopez.
Born in Tandil, Buenos Aires. He cut his teeth in the kitchen at home. He grows working in France and consecrates himself in Italy, bringing success to several Roman restaurants, always with originality and maximum respect for raw materials.

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